Hungarian National Anthems

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The Székely Anthem

English translation by Laszlo Szelecki:

Who knows where destiny will lead us
On this rough road and dark night.
Lead your people once again to victory,
Csaba, Prince Royal, on a heavenly path.
Our ancestors crumble to dust
Through these wars of nations,
As cliffs on rough seas.
The flood is upon us, oh, overwhelming us a hundred fold,
Lord, don't let us lose Transylvania!

As long as we live, Hungarian Nation, our spirit shall not be broken;
Wherever we are born, whatever corner of the earth,
Whether our fate be good, or cruel;
Such sorrowful a past - our millenia of misfortune,
The ravages of Tatars and Turks, and Austrian yoke.
Let us inherit our nation, the land of the Székely,
In a free fatherland, to live in happiness.