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Detailed infos & package booking

Budapest Travel Package 4 days / 3 nights 


Main infos about this package:

  • the tour code name of this tour is BUDPACK
  • this package is guaranteed
  • you can reserve it already from 1 person
  • the package is proposed for those individual travellers, who are ready to group with other individuals, coming from several parts of the World ( because the travellers arriving for the same date tour will be grouped ) 
  • this package is proposed on pre-fixed periods - one period per month
  • the tour is accompanied with ENGLISH speaking guide 
  • there are daily excursions from the hotel in & around Budapest
  • the package is provided in the basic of a very good 3* superior, centrally located hotel
  • in high-season months you can prolong this Budapest stay and join the tour "Hungary, hidden treasure of Europe - 7 days / 6 nights" ( see the supplement )!
Budapest Travel Package dates in 2015


  • 15-18. January 2015./ 3 nights        ( Tour code: BUDPack0115 )
  • 12-15. February 2015./ 3 nights       ( Tour code: BUDPack0215 )
  • 12-15. March 2015./ 3 nights           ( Tour code: BUDPack0315 )
  • 03-06. April 2015./ 3 nights        (Tour code: BUDPack0415)
    ( Easter period )
  • 16-19. April 2015./ 3 nights             ( Tour code: BUDPack0515 )
  • 14-17. May 2015./ 3 nights              ( Tour code: BUDPack0615 )
  • 22-25. May 2015./ 3 nights         (Tour code: BUDPack0715)
    ( Pentecost period )
  • 11-14. June 2015./ 3 nights             ( Tour code: BUDPack0815 )
  • 16-19. July 2015./ 3 nights               ( Tour code: BUDPack0915 )
  • 13-16. August 2015./ 3 nights          ( Tour code: BUDPack1015 )
  • 10-13. September 2015. / 3 nights   ( Tour code: BUDPack1115 ) 
  • 15-18. October 2015./ 3 nights         ( Tour code: BUDPack1215 )
  • 12-15. November 2015./ 3 nights      ( Tour code: BUDPack1315 )
  • 03-06. December 2015./ 3 nights       ( Tour code: BUDPack1415 )
    ( Christmas shopping Week-end in Budapest )
  • 10-13. December 2015./ 3 nights      ( Tour code: BUDPack1515 )
    ( Christmas shopping week-end in Budapest )
  • 17-20. December 2015./ 3 nights      ( Tour code: BUDPack1615 )
    ( Christmas shopping week-end in Budapest )
BUDAPEST Travel package dates
DAY 01 - Individual arrival(s) to the hotel of Budapest
  • Individual arrival(s) to the hotel of Budapest at the end of the afternoon. 
  • Check in the rooms.
  • Free time.
  • Before the dinner our guide collects all the clients registered for this programme.
  • Dinner at the hotel or at a restaurant in the city ( 3-course menu, without drinks ).
  • Before the dinner a welcome-drink will be given to the clients.
  • After the dinner our guide will check the daily programme details with the clients.
  • Night at the hotel.

Note! For those clients who arrive with airplane, we can provide individual private transfer between AIRPORT-HOTEL, against supplementary fees! Please contact us for more informations!

View of the Danube with the Parliament and the Margaret island ( Photo: Varga Antal )Vue of BUDA side with Fishermen's Bastion and Matthias Church ( Photo: Varga Antal )
DAY 02 - Budapest - Sightseeing tour
  • Breakfast at the hotel.
  • Than sightseeing tour of Budapest, depending on the clients' number, with private car or with de-luxe minibus or with de-luxe motorcoach.
  • First PEST, the new side of Budapest:

Andrássy avenue with State Opera House (outside), Millenary square (or Heroes' Square), where we can find the statues of the greatest persons of the Hungarian history, City park - greatest relax park of Budapest-, with Vajdahunyad Castle, Zoo, Amusement park, Circus, Széchenyi thermal baths, Boating lake (in winter skating rink). Than return back to City center via Dózsa György street, place of great May Day parades in communist regime, than elegant Stefania street (street of different embassies), at the end of whichone was built the sport center of Budapest: People's Stadium "Népstadion", greatest stadium in whole Hungary, named Puskás Ferenc Stadium, after the biggest football player of the Hungarian nation and next to it, Papp László Budapest Arena, where a great number of sport and cultural events are organized ( Mr Papp was a very popular 3x Olympic Gold medalist boxer ).Than we turn to the direction of Eastern Railway Station (great yellow building, renovated some years ago, where the famous Orient Express trains had arrived in the past). We approach the city center via Rákóczi street and the Great Boulevard, the most important shopping streets of the town. Stop at St. Stephen Basilica, reconstructed during 20 years, than we pass next to Liberty square, where are the buildings of Hungarian Television (formerly Stock Exchange Palace) and National Bank of Hungary. The Pest side tour will be finished by passing in front of the Hungarian Parliament.

  • Entry to St Stephen Basilica.
  • Than we pass the Danube to arrive to BUDA side, historical heart of Budapest.
  • Lunch at a nice typical restaurant at Castle district ( 3 course menu, without drinks ).

Visit of the Castle District: Fishermen's Bastion, decorative motif of this district, Matthias church, coronation church of Hungarian kings in the past, historical circular of Hilton Budapest Hotel, Trinity Square, where a column has been raised by the habitants of Buda, to commemorate the victory against plague, Royal Palace, great complex, housing the exhibitions of Hungarian National Gallery and Budapest Historical Museum.

  • Entry to Mathias church.
  • Retransfer to the hotel.
  • Free time for individual activities.
  • Than departure for a typical dinner with gipsy music, folklore performance and wine at a nice typical restaurant of the town
    ( 3 course menu, with drink forfait included ).
  • Than return back to the hotel, but first transfer to the Citadel, from where the clients can see the superb panorama of illuminated Budapest.
  • Night at the hotel.
Hungarian State Opera House on Andrássy avenue (Photo: Varga Antal)Heroes' ( or Millenary ) Square ( Photo: Varga Antal )Vajdahunyad Castle at City Park ( Photo: Varga Antal )St Stephen Basilica ( Inside ) ( Photo: Varga Antal )Fishermen's Bastion ( Photo: Varga Antal )BUDAPEST By night ( Photo: Varga Antal )
DAY 03 - Budapest - Danube Bend - Budapest
  • Breakfast at the hotel.
  • After breakfast departure for a whole day excursion  to the Danube Bend, via ESZTERGOM - VISEGRÁD - SZENTENDRE.
  • First, stop at ESZTERGOM, old royal town, birth-place of our first king, Stephen I. The town is the center of the Hungarian Catholic Church.
  •  Entry to the Basilica, which is the residence of the primate-archbishop of Hungary.
  • Visit to its Treasury and Crypt.
  • Than proceed to  VISEGRÁD , royal residence at the times of Mathias king.
  • Visit of the Fortress, with its local exhibitions.
  • Lunch at a nice restaurant at Visegrád ( 3 course menu, without drinks ).
  • Before arrive to Budapest, stop at  SZENTENDRE, little art town at 20 kms to North from Budapest, constructed by the Serbs escaped from before Turkish troops.
  • Entry to the ceramic museum of Kovács Margit, great artiste of the town.
  • Arrival in Budapest at the end of the afternoon.
  • Retransfer to the hotel.
  • Dinner ( 3 course menu, without drinks ).
  • Night at the hotel
The Great Basilica at Esztergom ( Photo: Varga Antal )The Castle at Visegrád ( Photo: Varga Antal )Szentendre, Hungary - The little art city ( Photo: Varga Antal )
DAY 04 - Free day in Budapest / Departure from Budapest
  • Breakfast at the hotel.
  • FREE DAY for a more personal discovery of the town, at clients' fees.
       Programme proposals:
       - Bathing at Széchenyi baths
       - Relax at Gerbeaud confectionary
       - Entry to a museum
       - Walking at Váci utca
  • FREE LUNCH at participants' fees. 
  • Free time.
  • Individual departures.

Note! For those clients who arrive with airplane, we can provide individual private transfer between HOTEL-AIRPORT, against supplementary fees! Please contact us for more informations!

  • End of our services.
Széchenyi Baths (inside) ( Photo: Varga Antal )Gerbeaud confectionary (inside) ( Photo: Varga Antal )Duna corso ( Photo: Varga Antal )

Please send a message if you are interested in this Budapest Romantic Package.

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